Insights & Coaching

Are you ready to uncover who you came here to be, taking an internal journey towards living your best life?

Insight Coaching

sparkling lotusThese sessions enable you to create a life where you truly feel alive today and every day. Unlock your deepest desires, connect to the guidance that is always available within you, break through the patterns that have kept you blocked, and take steps that will move your life in the direction you choose to go.

Each Insight Coaching session includes an Intuitive Reading. Click through to learn more!

Intuitive Readings with the Osho Zen Tarot

The Osho Zen Tarot is my favorite deck, and a fabulous kick-off point for an Intuitive Reading. This deck is not about deepening your understanding of the past or seeing into the future; it’s about gaining clarity about the present moment. Based on Zen wisdom, these cards provide insight into what is happening in your life right now, and give you a way to see where your current trajectory is leading you. While I’ve found I can receive messages through many mediums, these cards speak to me with a clarity and consistency that I haven’t found anywhere else. As I begin, I am reading the cards, but as it unfolds it is more accurate to say that I am *listening* to them.

Intuitive Readings are offered virtually so you can receive your guidance on your own schedule, as many times as you need it. Click through to learn more!

“To change your life: start immediately; do it flamboyantly; no exceptions.” ~ William James